Front Row on R4!

Review of ‘Wood to Water’ at the NMMC. 23 minutes in…

Listen here

‘Before he became an artist James Dodds was an apprentice shipwright, and boats remain the focus of his attention. For his new exhibition, Wood to Water, at the National Maritime Museum, Cornwall, Dodds has painted a series of large – some very large – pictures of the traditional boats of the region, but these are not the usual views of the vessels at sea, with wind, waves and weather. Dodds is concerned with boats as sculptural shapes and with the details of their construction. The Cornish maritime historian, John McWilliams, reviews.’

Presenter: Kirsty Lang

3 thoughts on “Front Row on R4!

  1. Trying to contact Jamie.
    My father ran Cooks Shipyard in Wivenhoe for many years. I would love one of Jamie’s works of the shipyard to remember my father by.
    Esther Schwier
    (nee Hodgson)


    • Hello Esther,
      Thank you for your enquire. My linocut of Cooks shipyard is on the you can buy it from the website. You might also be interested in a book we published called River Colne Shipbuilders ( also on this website) in which Cooks is featured. You can also email me through the Jardine Press website.
      Thank you


      • Thank you so much.
        I look forward to owning one of your works.
        Please remember me to Emma when you speak to her.


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