Guardian 2001

Guardian 'Shipshape' 2001

The Guardian Guide
Saturday January 5 2001

James Dodds: “Shipshape” COLCHESTER

To the likes of Alfred Wallis and LS Lowry, the sea was not a romantic idyll but a working body teeming with steamships and fishing boats; pragmatic rather than picturesque and certainly not of Turner’s thrashing Byronic waves. The contemporary marine artist James Dodds could be described as another pragmatist. He paints the fishermen’s workboats that lie like beached whales on the shores of Brightlingsea. Paired down, these great skeletal hulks are beautiful in their simplicity. The subject matter is a common one for Dodds, who worked as a shipwright before becoming a painter. And it is clear his empathy lies with the seafarers, for which these lumbering vessels serve as their livelihood. JL

Voted 2nd best exhibition to see
in the Guardian Guide
Saturday 15th December 2001!