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a biography of James and his work
written by the well known English art critic, broadcaster and journalist
Ian Collins, who has published extensively on English East Coast painters.


TIDELINES came second in The New Angle Prize for literature 2013 with a distinct East Anglian flavour.
The result was announced on September 4. The New Angle Prize is run by The Ipswich Institute.

The winner of the £2,000 prize was "This Luminous Coast", by Jules Pretty (published by Full Circle Editions).
The runner up from the shortlist of six was Ian Collins's Tide Lines (published by Jardine Press), winning £500.

'Tide Lines is a book so beautiful to look at you may think you don't need to read the text, but Ian Collins' story of James Dodds's trajectory from boat builder to celebrated artist is fascinating, insightful and elegantly told'.
Esther Freud

First prize in the category for Art & Photography in the East Anglian Book Awards 2012

On location
photo by Emily Harris

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